Know what your consumers actually see and pay attention to.

Achieve real world ROI and increase the value of your communication by 25%-80% through biometric online eye tracking.

ROI +25%
Time on ad +68%
50% Faster
Time on ads +57%
Campaign reach +25%

Introducing The Visual Insight Platform

Measure and maximize your visual impact.

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Unprecedented technology to measure the effectiveness of your advertising, web design, messaging and products, giving an objective measurement of what is truly SEEN™ and what is not, at a global scale, based on real eye tracking.

Krister Karjalainen

Sticky Empowers

"Adding Visual Performance Research to our digital campaigns is helping us to evaluate our marketing investments in a rapidly changing environment"

Krister Karjalainen
Procter & Gamble Scandinavia
AOL Canada

Sticky Innovates

"AOL Canada was looking for a cost-effective solution to conduct visual effectiveness research for our advertisers and we found it with Sticky."

Andrew Consky
AOL Canada
Barry Herstein

Sticky Simplifies

"The Sticky process is designed with client needs in mind. The entire process — from initiation of the research to the report out of results — is elegant in its simplicity."

Barry Herstein

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iMedia Next Wave Award
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Advertising Research Foundation Great Mind Award
NextGen Market Research - Disruptive Innovation Award

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