Catch your Consumer's Eye


Introducing the Enterprise Platform:
Find out what your audience actually sees and engages with, through any webcam.

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Sticky Enterprise Empowers You

  • See through the eyes of the consumer and get objective data to significantly increase the visual engagement of your products and communication
  • Run as many eye-tracking studies as you want, anywhere in the world, without owning a single eye-tracker
  • Create professional eye tracking deliverables right in your browser - just drag and drop stimuli into our portal and you’re on your way.
Visual engagement have never been easier to measure and understand

The Magic of Sticky’s Disrupting Technology

  • Studies are made online using respondents own webcam and works on any laptop, desktop or tablet (iOS).
  • Webcams are used to capture respondents’ gaze via software that runs seamlessly within the browser.
  • The most powerful and affordable eye tracking solution available.
Eye tracking has never been so full-featured, yet so easy to use.
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Get Sticky Enterprise Today

  • Use our Eye Portal to conduct your own online eye tracking studies
  • Use our restful web API to extend your current system to create studies, field them and even request analysis results automatically, or
  • Use our experienced, research and analytics team to conduct your projects from inception to report delivery.
It’s never been easier, contact us today and we’ll get you started in no time!
You only have a few seconds to make an impression on a consumer.

Use Sticky to make every second count. Contact us and we’ll tell you more.